New Building

From assembly stage, welding, metal structure, preoutfitting and piping, our company brought his contribution in delivery in time of many new building projects, becoming stronger and with more experience and high skills from a project to another one.

We worked on the various projects for very well-known companies such Tsakos Energy Navigation Ltd., Albert Marine Inc., Anangel Maritim, Hamburg Süd, Höegh Autoliners on container carriers, crude oil tankers, bulk carriers.

Also, we have executed a variety of garment-assembly works within the outfitting department as follow:
– deck equipment installation;
– life and rescue boat installation;
– provision crane installation;
– accommodation & pilot ladder;
– cargo hold hatch covers installation and operation;
– steel outfitting on deck (foundations, ladders, railings.);
– water ballast and cargo tanks;
– container test inside cargo hold for container vessel;
– block assembly and pre-assembly of anchoring;
– block production and assembling;
– block sections equipped during assembly;
– assembly of curved area, complete welding work, with tanks and piping systems.

Pachira & Valven

Address: 33 Oituz street, 1st floor, Mangalia, Constanța, România
Phone: +40 721 281 722

33 Oituz street, 1st floor, Mangalia, Constanța, România
+40 721 281 722