Ship Repair and Maintenance

Our staff was involved in complex repair works of bigger ships and conversions of all types of ships:

– replacement of pipes, valves and tube insulation;
– assembly of curved area;
– complete welding work, with tanks and piping systems;
– conveyor configuration, crashers, replacing old parts, assembly and maintenance of industrial equipment, introduction and assembly of equipment according to customer’s designs;
– complete equipment with tanks, with systems and pipes;
– replacement of all melting furnace piping circuits, machining and auxiliary plants, hydraulic piping, modification of conveyors, lifting equipment, raw material storage facilities;
– replacement of air conditioning systems in the rooms;
– creating an alternative power bridge connection;
– replacement heating and cooling water pipes.

Pachira & Valven

Address: 33 Oituz street, 1st floor, Mangalia, Constanța, România
Phone: +40 721 281 722

33 Oituz street, 1st floor, Mangalia, Constanța, România
+40 721 281 722